Adding links to Author pages Rules:
Dear Friends!
From 05 of October you can add links and personal info to your author's page. It means your page from now
turns to your personal site and you can exchange links with other sites. We have no problem you add so many links as you
want, but we requre at least 1 back link leading TO your author's page for 3 links you have put on your author's page
leading to other sites.
The sample: if you have 3 friends and you added 3 links leading to their sites, please ask at least one of them to add a link leading to your page TOO (back link). It means if you add 1 or 2 links you don't need back link. If you add 3,4,5 links on your author's page we require at least 1 back link. If you have added 6 links, we ask at least 2 back links.
Of course we'll be happy if it will be 1/1, but 3/1 also will be good.
Every month we'll count all links leading to our site and members who has the biggest number of links will get a prize.

To prevent SPAM we'll moderate all links our members want to publish on their pages. The process will take 1-12 hours.

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