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    SPONSOR OF "NUDE" COMPETITION "The Art City Publishing House" gives the prize:
Book "Nude. New Russian Photography"



The ArtCity Publishing House, 2006
Supercover, 345 pages
print run 5000 copies
ISBN 5-901969-01-4
240 mm x 330 mm
English version
Price $140 (shipping included)

The Art City Publishing House presents "Nude. New Russian Photography", a contemporary nude photography album. It includes the best artwork of well-known Russian photographers revealing in their art the aesthetics of a nude body. In his foreword, Valery Savchuk, a theorist of photography from St. Petersburg, notes: "This nude photography album that presents so many various authors is the first in the photographic history of new Russia. This is, probably, why the editors have tried to make it a true encyclopaedia of the genre. Nearly all photo trends classified today as nude photography are represented..."