Put your photos under under the topic "Coffee  &  Tea” (magazine “Coffee & Tea in Russia”, Russia) and probably your picture appears on the cover of the next issue of "Coffee & Tea in Russia" or “Coffee & Tea International” .  The best works will be published in the magazine.
Three winners    will be determined by the editorial staff of “Coffee &  Tea in Russia" and “Coffee & Tea International”. The winners   will be notified by the organizer per email or phone within five working days after the resuming of the contest.
Organizer of the contest: Magazine “Coffee & Tea in Russia” / “Coffee & Tea International”
e-mail:  Site:

The main prize:
-   The publication of a photograph on the cover of "Coffee & Tea in Russia or “Coffee & Tea International”.
-   An annual subscription to the magazine "Coffee and Tea in Russia".
Prize valid in Russia only.

The contest will be conducted from June 1, 2013 to August 1, 2013.

You can make a picture in a different style: oriental, Indian, English, American, etc. and use in it coffee bean,  tea-tree leaves, etc.

Conditions of Competition
- Photos must be vertical (to be suitable for printing on the cover)
- Should not have advertising character
- Photos must be of good quality (for printing) and fit the theme of the contest.
The Editorial Board has a right to reject an application if it considers that the picture violates any rules and regulations, does not match the theme, and is a poor, uninteresting, commonplace, etc.

The rules of the competition.
The participant warrants that he is the sole and legitimate author of the work (photographs). Right to work is not a collateral, not transferred to a third person under a contract of alienation of the exclusive right or license agreement and is not burdened with rights and claims of any third party.
The participant warrants that have all the necessary powers to use any parts of works, including illustrations, names and characters, etc., as well as any use of these objects in a product does not violate the laws of the Russian Federation, does not harm the business reputation, honor and dignity of others.
In the event of any claims of third parties with respect to photos, the Parties undertake to resolve their own efforts and at their own expense.
The participant sends Organizer the right to use the work under an exclusive license in the following ways:
- Reproduction of the work, that is the making of one or more copies of the Work or part thereof in any material form, including by writing to the memory of a computer;
- Dissemination of works through sale or other disposition of its original or copies;
- Public display of works;
- Import copies of the work to spread;
- Public performance of works;
- Bringing the works to the public so that anyone can gain access to the Work from any place and at any time at its option (available to the public).

Law, passed to the contest organizers can be used unlimited times in Russia and other countries without any restrictions on the timing and terms of circulation.
The participant provides the Organizer of the competition the right to edit, review, design work by any means.


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