A Russian physicist ventures into photography with amazing success.

A Physicist trained at Moscow State University, Alexander Shakhabalov branched off into professional photography in 1998 and since then has devoted all of his energies to his newfound passion. His considerable education, intelligence, and instinct have steered him to towards a wonderful degree of success. He has already had numerous exhibitions throughout Moscow and greater Russia as well as throughout the Ukraine. His work has appeared in all the major photo magazines in Russia and he is gearing up for the publication of his first photography book.

The nude plays a prominent role in Alexander's work. He considers the naked body not so much a theme or a genre as a tool of self expression. Taking this insight into consideration, his emphasis when shooting nudes is focused on two main areas; Formalism, where the interplay of light and shadow is as much the subject as his model is, and Portraiture, where all attention is focused upon the girl to the exclusion of all else, documenting her unique personality and spirit.

Exquisite workmanship is a trademark of Alexander's work. And like the trained scientist that he is, paying attention to all the infinite little details is what makes his photos so special.

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